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I Get It - You Want It All

And that's not a problem. In fact, it's normal. you've been working hard all your life, why wouldn't you want to feel fully loved, safe to be yourself, have the most fun you've ever had in your life, and know you were crushing it in every area of life - with some belly laughs in between? That's right, you do want all those things, and here is how you get them without any guilt or shame. I got you, boo! 

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For the Individual, Starting Up 

Healing Intensives

Seriously, you did NOT know you had this much emotion stored away gumming up your programming. During this set of 90 minute intensives, we dig deep into what you've always wanted and peel away the layers using energetic work and hypnotherapy to clear your energy field, gain clarity in who you are and what your higher self wants, re-set old beliefs. and program in the new neural pathways to rapidly set you on the path you have always dreamed of. From getting over chronic health issues to finding the love of your life and tapping into the flow of universal abundance, you CAN have it all and experience support for the six weeks of time from start to completion of this unique 1:1 container healing package. 

For those a little further along in the healing journey..

Silly, Joyful, Soulful Group Meetups


Healing. Trust. Inspiration. Motivation. Ideas. Laughter. Honesty. Camaraderie. Shining brightly for all to admire and emulate, and raise the bar to what is possible, this 6 month mastermind meets weekly. If you're an ambitious woman who wants to level up her game and enjoy life to it's fullest with some amazing companions along the way, this is for you. 

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