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Be Your Own Ghostwriter

Writing doesn’t have to involve a lot of research, spending money, or hiring one soul throughout the publishing process. In this 12 week series, learn how to write confidently, tell your story, and stop all the mind drama that has stopped you from writing in the past.

The Summer Workshop Series

Why Be Your Own Ghostwriter?

If I had a nickel for every person who told me they wanted their life story to be turned into a book, I’d have a LOT of nickels! Seriously though, if you’re alive today, you’ve made it through some tough times and some fantastic moments too, am I right? I bet if we read your story we would be inspired, amazed, and feel that little zap of what we need to keep going through our own dark days.

In fact, I bet just by writing your story out you would amaze and inspire yourself! So why haven’t you done it already? Well, I imagine I can think of a few reasons why not.

  1. You think it’s going to be too hard.

  2. You’ve never really thought of yourself as an author before, and it isn’t coming naturally to you. 

  3. You think it’s going to be a lot of research, editing, fixing things like grammar, and expensive to hire people to publish, so quite frankly, you’re not sure where to begin!

But what if you got rid of all those reasons and discovered that:

Writing can be easy.

Writing can be fun!

Writing doesn’t have to involve a lot of research, spending money, or hiring one soul throughout the publishing process – it just takes your desire to get the story out and a little bit of time and you can have words flowing onto the pages before you say ‘boo’!!

Seriously, before I figured out the secrets I would hit walls throughout my journey every step of the way, starting with some of the unexpected discoveries in the writing process and I want to share them with you so that you can bypass those and skip the part where your book sits halfway written for a couple of years while you make excuses (er, valid reasons, cough, cough) why you can’t get it done.

I learned so much about myself, writing, and how to actually publish a book that if someone had guided me through it like this, I would have saved years, and thousands of dollars agonizing over so many things!!!

Throughout the Become Your Own Ghostwriter workshop series I am going to equip you with the fundamental tools to write:

Without an editor

Confidently & Boldly

Effectively & Quickly

You will absolutely embrace the joy in the journey of story telling

Connect to yourself and your life story and this live workshop series will even help you deal with some of your day to day issues – not just the writing – it will become a healing, transformative, literary journey into getting to know yourself better, having a body of work you can be proud of, and you will have the tools you need to get your work out into the world proudly, from a place where you’re ready to shout from the rooftops, “I wrote a book, ya’ll!”.’

This workshop is for you if you have felt doubts and fears about your ability to write. If you have lived an extraordinary life and you want it to be documented, even if only for posterity for your legacy. If you would like to gain more confidence and skill in your writing ability. If you have tried to write something before and failed. And yes, it works for fiction story telling as well.


We will tackle not only the strategy and tactics for how to write your story, but the energetics and emotions, mindset and connection of the spirit of your story, how you want it to be, who you want to impact, and what outcome you want not only for yourself, but for the reader who experiences your story. Because ultimately, that is what a story is, a beautiful, emotional, lovely journey of emotion for the reader. When you hold the key to that magic of the story for all that it is, well then, dear one, that is how you unlock the door to seeing the rest of your story unfold!

The details:

Beginning Saturday, June 4, 2022 at 2 p.m. Eastern Time we will meet for one hour to learn, practice, and answer questions on lessons in how to write your story.

Each Saturday (Except June 18th – we are taking that week off!) we will meet as a group to discuss challenges, learn next steps in story writing, and troubleshoot any issues from previous weeks.

PEER REVIEWS!! This is optional but absolutely encouraged throughout the course. July 9th, and August 6th will be your opportunity to really share your story with one or multiple peers in the group you connect with for feedback that will be provided at the following session for everyone to learn from.

Graduation Celebration! September 3rd, you will be provided any specific feedback, next steps, and any questions you might have to progress your work to the next level for your specific body of work.


Access to a computer or laptop with a program that allows you to write free flowing (Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Mac Pages, TextEdit, iWork, Zoho writer, LibreOffice Writer, Apache OpenOffice Writer, WPS Office Writer or other, even a typewriter, but you will want digital to share).

A quiet place in which to participate in the calls.

Some time on your own to read your work & write on your own outside the calls – your outcome is up to you, what you put into the workshop is what you will get out of it, after all, it’s YOUR story! We can tell you how, help you through the hard parts, but we can’t be your ghostwriters, sorry!

How much:

All twelve weeks included in a one time investment of $397. 

Need a payment plan? Totally cool! Click the button below. 

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