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Kick Your Inner Critic to the Curb in 21 Days

A short term solution to a long term problem with GIANT results.

Do you stop short of sharing your genius with the world because of that annoying critic that lives inside your mind? Have you heard yourself criticizing your work, belittling yourself, or putting yourself down in general? 

It's time to stop all that and embrace your authentic self with this empowering bundle, to help you earn more money, show up more confidently, and create more abundantly.

Isn't it about time you shut up that little monster and got your work out in the world? I thought so. 

The world needs what you have as an idea in your mind, and you deserve paid compensation for it. You can have it in as little as 5 minutes a day, and little to no effort while you sleep.

Mini-Hypnotic Recording

How would you like to make way more money and feel really freakin’ great about your work in five minutes a day, even get the best work done while you’re sleeping?? This is for you! A mini-hypnotic recording to listen to the first 15 minutes of sleep at night, to re-program your subconscious beliefs and unlock the creative flow so you never feel stuck again, and you feel wildly confident and motivated in your ability to produce and create new products and get your work into the world. Make money while you sleep! It is possible!

21 Day Short Workbook

21 days of juicy prompts to reinforce the conscious mind beliefs and get your creative juices flowing. No more than ten minutes a day to get you started, inspired, and lock in belief of your new creative abilities with tangible proof, this workbook will help you process and evolve emotions, come up with new ideas, so you can make more money. 

Library Mini-Video Resources to Keep you On Track as You Go

Bite size videos to keep you on track throughout the course. Including: the unusual thing that most people don’t tell you to do with the critic, to get it gone for good, troubleshooting as you go through the series, and next steps once you’re done to keep the momentum going in your creative life and business.

This type of resource might cost you a couple hundred dollars everywhere else but today is your lucky day...
I truly believe when we change one person's life it's like changing the entire world, and your work, your art, your GENIUS creativity is what changes the world so today, your only...

Yes! You read that right! You ready? Let's get you unlocked and making money with your work in the world. 

It takes 21 days to form new neuro connections in the mind, and if you have been criticizing yourself for longer, than this is the treat for you! While you listen to the recording at night before sleep, your subconscious mind will get to work on what you really need - to break through limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from creating your work and getting paid.

During the day, your conscious mind will support this shift and help inspire creativity with thoughtful prompts to help remind you of just how powerful your authentic self is, where your inspiration comes from, and help support a lifestyle that earns you money. 

A library resource of mini-videos in bite size pieces to keep you on track for the three weeks, including the top secret tip that no one else is talking about when it comes to the inner critic, the hack that helped silence my critic within weeks after battling it for years. You'll thank yourself for this alone - but the money you will make and peace you will feel getting un-stuck in your creativity is a lasting impact you will thank yourself for again and again!

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