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Hi, I'm Kelly! I help women who have overcome challenging  situations (aka trauma or family drama) step into and embody confidence, expand their self-worth & self-concept so they can lead a full figured life they love!

I felt like I had to do everything right, just to be safe and fit in. But I wasn't made to fit in. I was made exactly as I am for good reason. 

Welcome to The Full Figured Life

I always knew life around me seemed a little "off", but I didn't find out until much, much later just how far off the mark my family and later on relationships that emulated that energy were. 

I tried really hard to fit in. To people please, shrink my needs, hide my deeper gifts, eat the crust of the bread so no one else had to, overachieve, and make sacrifices on the life I wanted. 

But in the end, it wasn't enough. Despite everything I was doing, the way I was living wasn't enough to bring me deep joy (or make any of them love me). 


Deep in my heart I knew I was made for greatness, and the stifling of those desires was causing me to have major anxiety, fears, and ultimately health issues. I had to change. I had to let go of forgetting about myself for the sake of my health.


I had to learn that others are capable of taking charge of their own lives, and I deserve to be happy in mine. It's been a journey of what feels like a million steps, but I finally stumbled onto what life wanted to show me all along. The magical joy and bliss I had longed for was inside of me all along, I just needed to trust myself enough and love myself enough to let go of the people, places, and situations that I had given my power away to. 

There HAD to be a Better Way

As I was facing my second divorce and pondering what I wanted for the rest of my life, I knew that following the patterns of my family for conflict escalation er, resolution, weren't working. I knew that the trauma had to stop with me.

Swearing off men forever, I made a pact with several girlfriends I would not date! 

You know what they say, you make plans, the universe laughs. 

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Armed with all the tools my therapist could give me, I stopped putting up with people taking advantage of me, and I started asking for what I wanted. It worked. My income shot up, the love of my life walked through the door, and I started doing all the things I have always wanted to do, just for me. 

And I realized there are thousands of women just like me who felt unseen, taken for granted, wanting more in their lives than making lunches, working long hours, and spending time in a nail salon for friendship for fear of being called a cheater or liar. 

Women who were rejected by their families for being too much, or too emotional, too sensitive, or too not silent. 

It's your time. It's time to show your doubts and fears the door and put those desires to work as you go for what you want! Set boundaries, choose things that light you up, and allow yourself the same love and compassion you have given to everyone around you. 

Who cares what they say? They'll talk about something anyway, right? May as well enjoy the heck out of your life because it's yours to live to the fullest in every extent of the word! 

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Ready to Level Up? 
If you have tried all the self help books, the online courses, the accountability partners and haven't yet found your best level of happy, rest easy, you are exactly where you are meant to be. It's simply the next step in your journey. You are not alone, step into The Full Figured Life and continue in love and in joy together.

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

I really enjoyed working with Kelly. She was so full of hope and optimism! I started out feeling uncertain about EVERYTHING and afterwards felt so secure!... I'm so grateful and blessed to have run into this and can't wait for what the future holds! Thank you Kelly for your wonderful gifts! ❤❤❤ ~ Loving Mama, Utah

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